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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 26, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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if you want to meet you can barely juggle it was got to come down thirty yards if you could straight in a straight line and off about ten times just as cotton on his arm he just looked at us he just walked off so back then we all just went ok there we go i was on the bench a sat on the bench are watching for the whole game for the whole game so to be honest we also took the first call which was the handball we all got up straight away and we saw it we saw it we couldn't believe the good lives when they see it and of course now you speak to read as if you know them terry butcher people like that and they want to kill him and they hate him i'm going no issue with that whatsoever ali she might she be the referee. however the second goal and i have to say it took every inch. of restraint. not to get up and celebrate with a piece of the body starts to run i was on the bench. and she was playing. me with other kids it took everything you got because how can you it's not my goal i've got . ninety nine points so you feel that they're going to school is better than eighty
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six and did you go into the ninth tournament with a lot more confidence as a team doesn't individual i think that the night is quite have more experience because we're old mate four years old of course you got some young person i got to coming through patrick came in but of course patsy and i got in because robbo which we all know how rubber got injured now with his toe what everybody was out because then he broke it give us our best yeah so no one knew at the time. he got in the path he would have played. so we felt even then whether it was a level of humility to know we were a good team and yes with a bit of luck we can go through. in fact we needed to pull it off to get where we got to so we never well they're over confident we'll england never did and that comes with having the experience of understanding the nature of a the english press and the expectations of the english in public we really fought as much against the fans and the press well talk about fighting against them fighting against our expectations started every gun on the bench in ninety six dollars and every gun in the non-singing once you woke up one of the way through to your injury what memories of the group i was never fit you know how to interest
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towards the end of that season while i started every game until the when i came up for the camera game didn't play against belgium i wasn't right i could feel it wasn't right but bobby wanted me to play. and he kind of like played me up front played me wide a bit but i was never i was never i was never fit and once again it was the same thing we never thought of particularly well. but we started off experience in the squad a lot you know rubble was out so but that year one you have a carrot as you know like paul gascoigne everything just goes out the window because guys really you know with these with youth and beauty really just just pull us through and it was just a marvel watching while he was doing not necessarily i mean a performance against germany i mean for months but in the early performances he was he was good he was ok but he was just he's carried to around the place around the just room of course he took all the attention from the press from us do we got kind of lloyd bundle of energy in a dressing room you cross your fingers and you try and keep an environment in an
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atmosphere which is a positive happy environment for him to perform knowing that like that everything can change you enjoy it you can also against countering did england underestimate the opposition in. their flexi system and their skill on the ball in their corner of luck fuel joie de vivre why they play well i would have a hard time i knew much when i was over i don't think we all are isolated and because don't forget i said before that. even up until that period of time the laws of the game were such that we could be over the physical with teams the difference with cameroon is that you could be physical with them or because they were equal in fact they were more physical they were huge they were strong so we lined up for that cameroon team and terry butcher when they were late so terry butcher had bought them all screaming it was unbelievable the atmosphere but we because of where we played you can actually see them you could hear them before when they came round to join us in the tunnel and were saying their late thirties graceful got out shouting and screaming are people like all of
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a sudden it was like zulu dog michael caine. we heard them chanting singing coming around the corner but just a couple countries are going up up up and all of that and they came around the corner coming out all they needed every see exuded biochemically and they are huge and they can run it down south is exactly what those early but it's sort of what you please read go everybody else we've got a place that alongside of someone stood there with all the best seller a big physical strong so we could intimidate them physically and technically could offer that other place played in france as much as you know they're from cameroon but all that played in father were technically proficient they were strong they were naive that was the only thing what do you think overall when you got back home . my mike's went down to luton airport and the three hundred thousand people it's a. great team the expectations were probably exceeded the first world cup semifinal since one thousand nine hundred sixty fourth place finish your india and established seasoned international i'm one of england's best players had you.
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with an injury yeah but of course i mean what different for me because i wasn't you know because of my injury and of course when i came off so you know what it's like sometimes you really don't feel part of it you know of course the celebration really was for the for the for the germany game called like so well because of one of course we got those tears and that really was it so i found out i felt a bit of an outsider because i knew that the injury i had to really do myself justice in that world cup was placed at the concert as well and it's really interesting because even though this is the same although i did play ninety six came out and even that was just the want to be trying to do well you know what it's like when you go to the team it's like when you don't want the team to do well you don't just play in your position to do well but to really say the harmony that one thousand nine hundred eighty six squad was the most important thing in and i've done really well and bounce your positive people good about so well done but i knew that the next game if i didn't play well they've gone back again so i kind of like was a little bit reserved in my my joy what's you favorite memories because we on the pitch off the pitch oh those tree we'll. watch a marathon try i suppose you know. as announcement announcing himself to the world
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that what he did. some of the stories about gaza because the whole thomas berthold funny enough and he's the player got a cake. when guys got books on the house thomas which is a complete typical gaza situation because everyone thought that when he kicked him that gaza was like saying oh i'm sorry i'm sorry romona had them and then he went i started hitting gaza and he told gaza saying sorry just accept it but doesn't tell me how morales thomas on the promise is this story true and he's also got a ticket on the totem pole gascoigne's mind that can work this way so got us out he told me so i said well when i came because he was screaming like a baby in detroit i'm actually accept and he said all the work be coming over and he said if the referee hears and screaming that i'm going to book him if he doesn't hear him scream at. someone to squeeze his leg he would try to squeeze the truth should be some time off so i was always had a cold almost broke i'll get to the fact that i don't know what he would do it through and i thought you got to do something about the junk as well why you erudite fuss and i. really appreciate you joining thank you very much it's
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a pleasure and. she also in the study in calling will show the swing join us the same time next week when i shuts a world when a patrick vieira come on. the
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stand he has a lot. move from one. of our good armor on our show but there are rather tough that are the four for america as a. i'm going to let them but i don't question any such and that and keep an eye on what i have seen as a child with a profile that it. doesn't work then our modeling my michelle the downside of it does the family owned model. number set up around the hey how you want to do it. and get this whole food place choice where you got the i knew where you're from and fails to chime in syria has said. that she ought to have
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a. model for the name after the couple fucks around the mr hates it for jim and then boil for her for it are very minute for. evening. hey everybody i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and our view this is my buddy famous financial guru she's a little bit different. there are no windows up with all the drama happening in our country on the road have to meet everyday americans. and we start to bridge that gap this is the great american people.
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i. never thought it was. i was. i. president told his economic success is the most says america first vision and the media during an address to political and business leaders in switzerland. to get his u.k. arrest warrant overturned if a subpoena successful could walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london in early february after more than five years holed up. and the u.s.
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accuses turkey of the stabilizing northern syria with its military offensive against the kurdish militias while i'm chris. there is a crisis of trust with washington. what a shame that is think about all that this country has been through and now we're looking at another destruction the americans have kept their promise since this created a crisis of trust. it's five o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live from our studio with me and if you are today welcome to the program we start in switzerland where donald trump has been speaking at the pro globalization world economic forum to a group of political and business elites the us president used his address to promote his america first vision of protectionist trade policies tax cuts and
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deregulation he also fallen into the games the media describing them as nasty vicious and fake. who's in forests jaclyn what's being said. well it's probably to no one's surprise that donald trump did once again use his signature phrase of america first during his speech which was the last one of the forum let's take a quick listen. we have succeeded beyond our highest expectations the world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous america i believe in america i'm here to deliver a simple message i will always put america first as president of the united states i will always protect the interests of our country america is roaring back so come to america where you can innovate create and build. now apart from that he
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spoke about how the u.s. has changed for the better since the beginning of his presidency and his opinion he commented on the fact that the stock market is booming he reminded everyone of the tax reforms that he recently signed into law and commented on the progress of the fight against eisel and he also invited everyone to bring their companies to america saying that the u.s. is open for business and frankly that's a message that we've heard not only from trump but a number of european leaders as well yesterday when you may spoke to some a the u.k. prime minister she said similar things saying that there's no better time to open businesses in the u.k. there's no better time to work on digital technologies that it than before in the u.k. and frankly trump said that that is a sentiment that all leaders should have they should always think of having their country first but with ties to other he even went on to describe himself as a cheerleader for a mirror for america saying also that all leaders should be cheerleaders for their
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country and that is especially easy for him because he loves his country so much and of course being trump he didn't forget to mention the media he said that he's always had a fair amount of media coverage his whole life that he's not sure why that's the case but it is and that before when he was a. he was a businessman it was always in a fairly positive light and only after he became president that changed and he described the media as being nasty and mean and he then said that as those comments were coming out of his mouth he watched cameras in the back of the room turning off but he did joke that the press coverage of his campaign couldn't have been all that bad given that he did win in the end of his speech just saying that it was a great forum that he was happy to meet everyone that he had and it was a great first experience for him here at davos. a lot more controversial statements as expected jacki thanks for can't take us up to date with vigor reporting from davos. said to julian assange has launched an appeal to get his
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u.k. arrest warrant overturned if his legal challenge is successful he may soon be able to walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been living for the past five and a half is a situation that has the details poor twists and turns in this seemingly endless and extremely legally complicated case of julian assange is the founder has been holed up inside the secretary of embassy in london for over five and a half years now a crucial lawyer hearing has taken place in london today where a judge is considering julian assange has appealed for a potential lifting over the arrest warrant based off of his alleged breach of bill conditions back in two thousand and twelve now the latest understanding that we have is that decision might call not sooner than a week from now the announced so far seems to have been february sixth where we will learn more about the fate of the julian assange case.

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